What Nails Can Be Used With a Framing Nailer?

framing nailer nailsA framing nailer is a great tool to have if your job involves a large amount of construction activities such as framing. Many contractors use framing nailers because they can get the job done faster than if they do everything by hand. So what types of nails can be used with a framing nailer?

The framing nailer won’t use the typically nail that you would grab from a bucket and nail with a hammer, there is a special type that has to be used in order for it to function properly. Most framing nailers will use one of two different types of nails which are known as clip-headed and round-headed nails. They must use one type or the other, so you have to make sure you follow the instructions found in the user manual for your nailer.

There are a number of different coatings that you can purchase to use in your framing nailer. Which one you purchase really depends on the type of job that you have to do.

One type of nails that is used on a regular basis for outdoor projects and other types of construction that will be exposed to the weather elements is galvanized nails, which simply are nails that are coated with zinc. These types of nails essentially are weatherproof and will not rust, which is why they are popular for use on porches, decks, and other outdoor structures.

Another type of nail that is used in most framing activities is common nails. This nail is used because of the slight barb look of the shaft, and the flat head that it has. This type of nail is the most highly regarded for general construction purposes.

Roofing nails are another type of nail that can be used with a framing nailer. Roofing nails are used for roofing, as rightfully pointed out by their name. They are a shorter style nail with a ringed shaft and a large round flat head. Roofing nails typically are galvanized with zinc so they will not rust when exposed to the weather elements.

Finally, one other type of nail that can be used by a framing nailer is called a round nail, which is generally used for a number of different construction activities. The nail is made with a smooth shaft and a flat head, and is typically made from a very strong form of metal wire.