How to Use a Framing Nailer

how to use framing nailerOne of the best tools ever made for construction, the framing nailer makes attaching any material to wood very easy. There are two types of nailers available in the market, the pneumatic, and the gas-powered. The former uses an air compressor to drive nails into the wood, while the latter is battery-powered and makes use of a fuel rod.

The framing nailer is an ingenious invention that might as well be considered a carpenter’s best friend. It can cut working time by tirelessly leaving out the need for tedious manual hammering. The framing nailer shoots nails very much like a bullet, so it is no machine to trifle with. If you want to know how to use a framing nailer, continue reading.

First and foremost, you have to familiarize yourself with the safety precautions included with the device. If there’s a manual included, browse through that first and see if there are any specific precautions you need to know about.

There are two mechanisms you need to know about: the two ways a framing nailer can shoot the nail. The first one is called the bump and go mechanism. This mechanism allows you to shoot a nail just by bumping the nose of the nailer unto the wood. This mechanism is easier to use, but requires more care in using. If you accidently bump the nose of the nailer on your knee, for example, then things are not going to end up pretty.

You need to take good precautionary measures when using the bump and go. The second trigger mechanism is called the single shot. The single shot shoots a nail once you carefully press the nose of the nailer unto a surface and you activate the trigger. This mechanism requires more time, but is considered a lot safer than the bump and go mechanism.

In order for your framing nailer to work efficiently, it needs to have a load of nails. Load your device as per your device’s instructions. Different models have different ways of loading, so never forget to read up on your manual.

After that, attach the power supply to your framing nailer. It may be a fuel rod or an air compressor, so attach your power supplies accordingly.

Press the nose of the device on the surface of the wood and pull the trigger to shoot the nail. If you’re model is a bump and go, then you don’t need to pull the trigger and just bump the tip of the nose on a wood surface. Just remember to always be careful.