Hitachi NR83A2 Round Head 2-inch to 3-1/4-inch Framing Nailer Review

My wife and I started to get in the business of flipping houses a few years ago. I have a lot of carpentry and framing experience, and she’s great with painting and other stuff, so we figured we would make a great team and bring in some extra money. Once we made up our minds to do it for real, I decided to invest in some good tools.

One thing I neglected to buy was a high quality pneumatic framing nailer. I used an old one that wasn’t that great, until just recently. I did my homework and talked to some carpenter friends of mine and asked for recommendations. The name that kept coming up was the Hitachi NR83A2 Round Head 2-inch to 3-1/4-inch Framing Nailer. I bought one and haven’t looked back since.

Working with the Hitachi nailer really shocked me. I’ve used Hitachi tools in the past and always liked them, but this framing nailer was something else. It is so light that it’s like not even using a tool. This nailer weighs just a bit over 7 pounds.

At first I thought that it was so light that there was no way it would be very good at delivering power. I was wrong. The Hitachi NR83A2 Round Head Framing Nailer can go toe-to-toe with any of the bigger framing nailers when it comes to power.

Hitachi NR83A2 Round Head

Interesting Product Specs:

  • Stainless Steel Magazine
  • Comfortable Rubber Grip
  • ANSI Compliant for working on contract jobs without a hassle
  • Magazine loads quicker than any nailer I’ve ever seen

Good Points:

    • Adjustable Depth Settings. You can adjust the depth of your nail driving without fussing with the air compressor. This makes the work day go by a lot quicker with less downtime.


    • Open Nose Design. Nail jams can be a big problem with most framing nailers. With the Hitachi NR83A2 Round Head 2-inch to 3-1/4-inch Framing Nailer’s open nose design it’s easy to get jammed nails out of the tool.


  • Dual Firing Capability. To change from continuous nail driving to intermittent, all you have to do is flip a simple switch. No other configuration is necessary.

Bad Points:

    • Almost Too Light. While the lightweight design is nice, I sometimes feel like I lack a bit of precision. When you’re used to heavier nailers for years, the dramatic weight difference can affect your technique.


  • Adjustments May Be Necessary. The Hitachi NR83A2 Round Head 2-inch to 3-1/4-inch Framing Nailer has a lot of power, but it seems like you sometimes have to crank the depth settings up further than you should have to in order to get the power you need. Once you get it figured out, it’s not a problem, but you have to play with it for a while to figure this out.

The strain that this lightweight, but powerful, framing nailer saves my arms, wrists and shoulders is enough to warrant two thumbs up from me. Hitachi makes some good stuff, but the Hitachi NR83A2 Round Head 2-inch to 3-1/4-inch Framing Nailer shouldn’t be considered good, it’s a few notches above good and perfect for big and small framing jobs.

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