Framing Nailer comparison – How to Compare Framing Nailers

framing nailerFraming nailers are a great tool to have, especially if you own your own construction company and have a lot of work to do in a short period of time. Since using a framing nailer can help construction workers put together stud walls and other items much quicker than doing so by hand, framing nailers usually become quite essential on the job.

Shopping for framing nailers is actually quite simple because there are really only a few basic selling points that you really need to pay attention to. Perhaps the first selling point that you will consider is the price, which will be a factor once you know what your budget is.

Another important selling point that you will consider is what the framing nailer is actually going to be used for. There are a number of different types of framing nailers that you can choose from, so it’s important that you identify which one(s) you need for the particular woodworking tasks that you need to complete.

Some framing nailers use compressed air by connecting to an air compressor tank with a special hose. Other nailers can run off of gas supplied by detachable cartridges. These types of nailers in most cases are portable which is really handy for small around the house construction projects.

Framing nailers may also vary by the type of nails that they use which will depend on the type of material that is being fastened. There are a number of different types of nails that framing nailers can use including common, round, galvanized, and many more. You’ll want to figure out which type of nail is most appropriate for the job, and then determine which framing nailer can handle the type of nails you need to use.

Another method that you can use to compare framing nailers is the amount of pressure that they use, and what capacity they have with regard to nail count. Framing nailers have different capacities when it comes to how many pounds of pressure they are able to exert. If you have a large job that involves heavy duty nails and wood, then you’ll want to purchase a framing nailer that is capable of using large amounts of pressure in order to properly sink the nails into the wood. Light duty nailers do not put out as much pressure as the heavier duty commercial nailers, which may be a factor in your particular situation.